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Want to give up smoking for good? Join our Proactive Smoker community


It’s a fact; people who are supported when they give up smoking are more likely to kick the habit for good than those who try to go it alone.


Some studies suggest your chances increase by as much as 10%-25% when you have a little help on the side.


That’s why we offer all our clients who take advantage of our special Proactive Smoker rating for people who aim to quit smoking, loads of support through a number of dedicated, interactive channels.


One of these, our Quit the killer and save Facebook page, is extremely popular with ex-smokers, those in the process of giving up smoking, and those that still need a little nudge to take that all-important first step.


The page provides daily tips on how to stop, why to stop and the benefits of stopping smoking as well as words of encouragement to keep it up and advice on remaining smoke-free forever.


It has been incredibly well received, netting more than 4 000 likes in just five months.


Our Proactive Smoker clients use the platform to share their real-time experiences of quitting smoking, and what they’re battling with the most.


‘I'm smoke free for 3 weeks now after 16 years of smoking. Feels great!’


‘I'm on Day 20. Feels good and the food tastes way better!’


‘It's been 13 months since I last smoked, I feel fantastic!’


They also offer their own advice to help others.


‘Keep enjoying NOT smoking MORE than the idea of smoking...write down an advantage of not smoking every day...or as many as you can right now.’


‘Allen Carr Easyway helped me...the actual course not the book...but like with any method you have to really want to stop more than you want to continue. I think that is key.’


‘To me it just ran outta fashion, nobody smokes anymore...only those who still think they're addicted and can't stop, and those who are trying it out, who will end up full-time many times have you told yourself or heard people telling you you can’t but you made it anyway…trust me, it is that easy’


The page also provides sobering facts to kick-start smokers’ journeys to giving up.


One such post that detailed smokers’ increased risk for cancer and their decreased risk once having given up, was an instant hit. More than 100 people liked the page and 35 shared it in the days after it was posted.


Although those numbers aren’t enormous, it was the response the post elicited that was so significant: people confessed how much they wanted to stop smoking, others shared it with friends and relatives and begged them to stop, and others said outright they would now quit.


‘Tjoe, this is scary’


‘It kills’


‘I’m quitting’


‘Let’s quit, buddy’


‘I've tried every trick in the book, but I've failed. I know it’s bad for my health but I can't. Wish I never started.’


Proactive Smoker is more than just an innovative insurance rating for smokers; it’s a powerful incentive to quit smoking and provides a supportive community to help smokers do just that.


Also included in the Proactive Smoker support toolkit is a fun and interactive iPhone and Android app that allows you to track your progress once you’ve given up, and that provides ongoing motivation encouraging you to remain smoke-free.

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