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Travelling in Africa and worried about Ebola? Here’s what you need to know


The Ebola virus is a highly contagious, fast spreading virus that can quickly infect large numbers of people. The virus is, however, not airborne and infection is only through physical contact with bodily fluids, bodies and surfaces contaminated with the virus.


The West African countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are currently battling what has been called the worst Ebola outbreak in history, with cross-border travel from Africa to the rest of the world sparking fears the virus could spread.


To date, no known or suspected cases have been reported in South Africa.


But if you’re planning to travel through Africa for business or leisure, or have recently visited other African countries, you’re probably concerned about your risk…and your personal insurance, right?


Well, at Altrisk, we’ve got you covered.


Take a look at these different scenarios and their impact on your insurance cover:


  1. You currently have an Altrisk life insurance policy: if you travelled through Africa, contracted the virus and succumbed to it, we’d honour your claim and your policy would pay out

  2. You currently have Altrisk critical illness or disability cover: if you travelled through Africa, contracted the virus and as a result, suffered a critical event like a stroke, heart attack or some kind of disability, these policies would pay out

  3. You’re about to take out an Altrisk life insurance policy: if you don’t have life insurance with us yet and are about to take out a policy, we would apply the current territorial loadings: for example, we apply standard rates for Liberia and standard rates for up to 30 days travel to Nigeria but any travel in excess of this would attract a loading. Loadings are specific to the socio economic and political situation in each country.


At Altrisk, we constantly review the risk status of countries in terms of disease, political unrest, civil war, terrorist threats etc. and update the conditions of our benefits accordingly. We are specific about the countries that pose high risks, and you’re free to check this information with your broker at any time.


If you’re currently covered for death or disability under your current Altrisk policies and die or become disabled as a result, rest assured you’re covered. We don’t need to be notified of your intention to travel to these countries.


However, if your job now involves travelling to potentially high-risk countries, we need to know. Remember, a change of occupation is a notifiable event, and not informing us of such conditions could see claims potentially rejected on the grounds of non-disclosure.


If you’re still not sure where you stand, speak to your Altrisk advisor.


PS. We also have the latest news regarding the West African Ebola outbreak, plus handy info on symptoms and treatment in this week’s Latest News article, which you can access from Latest News on the home page


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