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Altrisk gets 10 out of 10 for student insurance


The words ‘long-term insurance’ and ‘students’ don’t seem to belong in the same sentence, right?


Because let’s face it, typical students aren’t at risk of critical illnesses, aren’t breadwinners and don’t have dependents that rely on them.


Their future looks bright, and it’s a long way off anyway, so there’s no need to start planning for it now.


Well, that’s what many believe.


The fact is, most students are young and healthy, and have pretty good risk profiles. But, there are significant financial benefits to being underwritten while still young.


Plus the consequences of becoming seriously ill or disabled while studying could spell disaster for students’ careers before they’ve even taken off.


Consider the financial impact of critical illness-related hospitalisation, or the transportation, equipment and rehabilitation necessary in the case of a disability. Then add that to the existing costs of tuition and outstanding student loans, and a grim picture emerges of the financial fix students could find themselves in.


We understand that, which is why at Altrisk, we offer students top rates combined with excellent maximum benefit amounts.


We’ve got students covered


Our cutting-edge benefits allow students to get cover of amounts up to:

• R500 000 (for life cover)

• R4 million (for impairment cover)

• R2 million (for critical illness cover)

• R15 000 per month (for impairment income cover, with a minimum waiting period of 1 month)


These are among the best maximum benefit amounts in the market, which makes us top of our class!


If you’ve got children who are students, or if you’re a broker with clients who have student kids, get in touch with us.


Our affordable long-term insurance solutions will meet their changing needs today and tomorrow.

Don’t have a broker? Click here and we’ll put you in touch with a qualified financial planner who will help you take advantage of our industry-leading rates.


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