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Helping you quit the killer


What’s different about our Proactive Smoker benefit? Well besides offering you the most competitive rates for long-term risk products, we also make it our business to help you quit the killer for good. We don’t just encourage you to quit, but go one step further by providing you with a range of tools and support to help you achieve this goal.


How can we help you?


  • The Quit the Killer box: this is a fabulous tool kit that you’ll receive when you take out your policy with us. Along with loads of information about smoking and how to quit, it also includes an Allen Carr discount voucher to help kick start your journey toward being smoke-free.

  • The Quit the Killer app: This is available from Google Play and Apple Store. It tracks your progress, tells you about the health benefits you’ll enjoy with every milestone you achieve and calculates how much money you save every minute you’re not smoking.

  • Quit the Killer on social media: You can follow @QuitThe Killer on Twitter and like Quitthekillerandsave on Facebook. Not only are these pages updated daily with tips and motivations but you’re invited to share your own tips, struggles and experiences with other future non-smokers.

  • Quit the Killer on YouTube: You can start your journey toward being smoke free right now by watching “Quitting smoking: it’s not about will power, it’s about want power” on YouTube. Quirky and charismatic Prof Harry Seftel from the National Council Against Smoking shares his hard-hitting expertise on smoking, quitting and how to kick the habit for good.

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