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Why pay tax on a loan from a pension fund?
A Fin24 user is surprised to find out that he must pay tax on an outstanding loan amount, taken from his pension fund, now that...
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Insurance and your golden years: have you got the right cover?


Statistics show that people are living longer, and there’s a good chance that you may be retired for as long as you’ve worked. Your financial plan may have made provision for your financial needs before retirement, but what if you fall ill with a chronic or debilitating illness once you are retired?


This scenario could have a significant impact on your financial planning. This is why your financial plan should make provision for your working and post-working life needs.


Altrisk’s Long Term Care benefit allows for this sort of planning. Should something happen to you once you are retired our Long Term Care benefit can pay for someone to take care of you, without dipping into your retirement funds.


Make some time this year to talk to your financial advisor about updating your financial plan.

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